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Post  Pregnancy Plan

The most common question from the first time mother would always be – When can I start to lose weight post pregnancy? While, it’s always sensible to eat healthily though, and of course this “mantra” doesn’t change when you’ve just stepped into motherhood too! You can also start a healthy diet in the early weeks after your child’s birth.

And now that you’re juggling and enjoying the new phase of your life; you may keep pausing to think on questions like –

And while you desire to get rid of those extra kgs you packed on during your pregnancy.

You may still be confused with questions like; can I still continue feeding my new born while on diet? Will the balanced recommended portion of food give all the necessary nutrients to my new born as a lactating mother??

If you started out at a normal weight and may have gained the 8 -12 Kgs – post pregnancy; Novigga- heath simplified can help you lose weight safely!!


Our personalized meal plans will give you the continuous amount of energy while working on your body and helping you lose weight at a steady pace….